Are there any mechanical services you do not offer?2019-04-12T16:22:20-04:00

We do not offer any services related to engine or transmission overhauls/replacements.

Hanagan’s has a service center, what mechanical services do you offer?2019-04-12T16:21:41-04:00

We offer a wide range on mechanical services from oil changes, brake pad and rotor replacements,

You paint vehicles for collision repairs, how come you do not offer complete vehicle re-paint jobs?2019-04-12T16:21:09-04:00

Do to the amount of time and high cost for our shop to complete entire vehicle re-paints, we do not offer that service to our customers.

What if I want to have my vehicle repaired and then just send a bill to my insurance company later?2019-04-12T16:20:34-04:00

We never recommend this avenue as an estimate written by Hanagan’s may differ from an insurance company. If our final repair invoice were to be higher than what an insurance company would provide you the customer would be responsible for the difference.

What is a deductible and do I need to pay it to the shop or insurance company?2019-04-12T16:19:39-04:00

An auto insurance deductible differs from that of health insurance, every claim you make you must pay a deductible. The customer is responsible for paying the shop (Hanagan’s) the amount of their deductible upon pickup of the vehicle after repairs have been completed.

Do you work with Insurance Companies?2019-04-12T16:18:43-04:00

Yes, we work with all major Insurance companies however each insurance company has their own guidelines and procedures for obtaining an estimate and the repair process. Due to these factors, we encourage all customers with an insurance claim to contact our office so we can best navigate you through the specific insurance company’s procedures.

What types of repairs don’t we do?2019-04-12T16:18:09-04:00

No custom installations, no repairs on classic cars, no motorcycles, no rust repair, no complete vehicle paint jobs.

What type of vehicles do you repair?2019-04-12T16:17:10-04:00

We repair all makes and models from the current year and ranging back to the early ’90s

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